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What People Are Saying

  • "Kif = With much respect and many thanks for your amazing guitar!!!
    Your work is astounding - !
    All the best, Always - "
    By Johnny Depp
  • "All the repairs Kif has ever done for me were carried out perfectly and professionally. I wish he lived in West Sussex as there's nobody round here in the same league. I spent many hours with Kif in his workshop and that can be an enlightening inspiring and spiritual experience. Kif's innovations in luthierianism (is that a word?) are mind blowing."
    By John Bentley - (website)
  • "Kif has performed some amazing repair work for me. He designed a new bridge for my main gigging guitar that improved its sound and playability so much. Once our bass player decided to run over my friend's beloved Martin, making for a nasty break at the body and headstock. We took it to Kif and it came back playing better and sounding better than it did before! I have been road testing a Weissenborn style lap-steel for year now and the tone is ridiculous! His guitars have wonderful tone, they are playable, adjustable and look superb, they've got it all."
    By Ashley Height - (website)
  • "A testimonial for you!! Brought an old Banjolele to him that was found in a skip! He worked his magic and turned it into a beautiful beast. The man's a wizzard!!"
    By Louella Jade Eke - (website)